Associate Positions

We are accepting all years to try out for an associate position to help our Directors out throughout the year. We need people who are highly motivated, hard-workers and looking to expand their network within and outside of UTM. See below for current opportunities. We look forward to meeting new talents who share in SMA’s mission and passion.

Q: This is my first interview, how do I prepare for it?

A: The internet has so much to offer! Simply google Interview Tips, and you will have many answers at your finger tips.
Deadline for Associate positions is September 22, 2015 so start applying now!

Q: What if I do not know much about SMA, can I still apply to be an associate?

​A: There is a simple fix to this question, and that is to use your resources and learn about our Academic Society. You can find information about us here on our website but if you would like to see some more pictures of past events check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. When you’ve done your research, you will be a lot more confident and successful in the interview.