SMA Gives Back (CSR events)

As much as the SMA team loves its students, we also have a great passion for helping others in our community.
The Student Management Association in collaboration with the Undergraduate Commerce Society, Business Consulting Association and ROTORACT have a started a Five Days of Giving Initative where Five Days during the month of Novemeber all four councils, with the help of many UTM students will volunteer their time and/or donate any necessities that may be of use to the less fortunate.

The Five Days of Giving

Day 1 : Monday November 23rd, 2015
CSR Clothing Drive

Day 2 : Tuesday November 24th, 2015
CSR Volunteer Trip to Charity

Day 3 : Wednesday November 25th, 2015
​CSR Food Drive

Day 4 : Thursday November 26, 2015
CSR Toy Drive

Day 5 : Friday November 27th, 2015
CSR Appreciation Night

Q: How can I help make this a more successful event?

A: Having people promoting our events through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Word of Mouth will greatly help increase the amount of donations we get! We are just trying to make a positive change in our community and give back in every way we can. We may not be able to change the world but we can definitely have an impact on our community.