SMA Intramural Sports Teams

SMA isn’t all about suits and networking, we also like to have fun and bring out our sporty competitiveness side to us in various intramural sports.

After last years amazing time playing in the intramural league, we can’t wait to join it again this year! SMA plans on taking part in both Co-ed Volley ball and Co-ed Soccer again, but if you are interested in making a team for another sport like Basketball, let us know! If your interested please contact Kaitlyn D’Lima. There is no need to feel intimidated, we accept people of all skill levels. So come out, enjoy a nice break from all the academics but don’t forget to bring your A-game!

Last year SMA took part in:

Co-ed Volley Ball and placed 2nd!

  • Team Members: Linnet Kocheril, Chris Halim, Omar Slim, Muneer Malik, Andy Kim, Iqra Jawaid and Kaitlyn D’Lima

​Co-ed Soccer and came top 4

  • Team Members: too many to count!

Q: What if I don’t know how to play the sport very well?

A: Don’t even worry about it! We accept all skill levels. Our main focus is to have fun and winning games is a bonus!