Iqra Jawaid

My journey with SMA started off as an associate and then on to the Director of Professional Development (External). This role helped me grow enormously as an individual. It sharpened my existing skills as well as helped in developing new ones. Being a part of SMA helped me get a glimpse of what the different industries and workforce are like. It provided me with countless opportunities to engage and network with industry leaders and professionals. I would encourage and recommend that all business students take the opportunity to attend events hosted by SMA to help develop their skills and become more marketable to future employers

Iqra Jawaid
SMA Professional Development External Director (2014-2015)

Past SMA Executives

The Student Management Association provides an excellent opportunity for students currently enrolled in the Management program. The events that SMA organizes and executes throughout the year are aligned with the academic program. For example, you can take the concepts you learn in class and apply them by engaging in case competitions or elaborate on those very topics with industry professionals who have become experts in various fields. Furthermore, SMA has helped me develop several skills that cannot be taught in the classroom. Whether it is reaching out to companies and collaborating for events, speaking in front of large groups or learning how to dress appropriately for different occasions; it has helped me transition from a student to a professional. Lastly, being a member of a team such as SMA has real-life implications as it develops transferrable skills which are valuable for when you enter the workforce. Getting involved on a dynamic team that requires the ability to execute tasks and manage your time efficiently will be a great experience for when you have multiple tasks and responsibilities in the workplace.

Andy Jiwoon Kim
SMA Corporate Relations Director

Industry Professionals

The executive staff of the SMA have done an amazing job of developing a professional mentorship program for the academic society that sets UTM graduates apart from the rest. As demonstrated by top publications such as Forbes magazine and Harvard Business Review, the top three skills employers look for in new hires are, ability to work as part of a team, the ability to communicate well and the ability to problem solve.

The SMA Student mentorship program fully equips students to do all of this and more. It engages students with current professionals in the field providing them with a unique experience in learning from real people who share real experiences. It gives insight into perspectives of various industries which undergrad students who lack experience never see unless currently in the workforce. It expands the network of each student by connecting undergrads with professionals whom they would have a hard time connecting with on their own. Through the SMA student mentorship program, students students develop a strong confidence in themselves and their ability to connect and build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with others.

The communication skills, public speaking skills, networking and relationship building skills that are sharpened during the course of the program are invaluable skills that are transferable to every realm of life. The programs offers this and so much more. It is organized by Kaitlyn D'Lima, Nayha Khan and an executive team who have a passion for people that is unmatched by any other. The enthusiasm, effort, and insight that goes into creating, marketing and promoting the events and programs is that of very a high level.

The mentorship program has provided a pathway for many young business professionals to become more engaged in their academic environment, and to reach for the stars and become leaders amongst their peers.

This program comes highly recommended by Jonathan Hood, Founder of Ahead of the Game

Jonathan Hood
Motivational Consultant
MA Sports Psychology ​